Leading Edge Supplements was created for those who seek Clarity.  With the knowing that the best medicine is prevention, we understand for those who seek clarity in today's world, this is not enough.  
Our first product, Severe Clear will target both the physical and mental capacities of this human experience, allowing you a better chance of fulfilling your potential. We've accomplished this by creating a drinkable vitamin that supports your cognitive function, vision and immune health. In everyday life, we simply don't get all the micronutrients and building blocks the body needs to perform and recover at 100%. Our products will give you the missing pieces, boosting your performance not only in a physical manner but more importantly, on a cognitive level, creating the clarity all humans seek. 
We will help guide and increase the understanding of your ability for clarity with profound quotes, (spoken and experienced with a level of clarity very few humans enjoy on this planet) extensive scientific studies on the body and mind, and articles from professionals who can help us all expand our awareness and help us better know ourselves at the level of consciousness.