Freedom Fuel, Trent Palmer


Severe Clear is a drinkable nootropic and vitamin, tailored to provide clean energy. Severe Clear contains a vitamin complex for vision, cognitive function and immune health. Freedom Fuel flavor is Berry Lemonade, super tasty!

What does it Enhance?

  • Cognitive Function

  • Performance Under Stress

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Alpha Brain Waves for Deep Sleep

  • Energy without a Significant Increase in Heart Rate

  • Memory & Creativity

  • Vision & Immune Health

Why Take it?

Our diets lack all the nutrients needed to perform optimally. We simply give you those missing pieces, in an all natural way, with ZERO artificial sweeteners or colorings. As a result, we boost you back to your natural ability.Whether you're a pilot, high performance athlete, working professional or hard working student, Severe Clear will give you that edge and clarity you're looking for. Prevention is the best medicine.